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Hydration is the key to healthy living

Hydration is the key to healthy living, especially if you are a hard core exercise enthusiast. Keeping one’s body hydrated is the simple and the most effective measure one needs to take for a healthy body. Drinking the right amount of water has a lot of benefits like regulates body temperature, prevents infections, boosts organ functions, keeps joints lubricated, improves sleep and reduces stress.

Why hydrating your body is important while exercising?

· To regulate body temperature during perspiration

· Improves concentration and overall ability to perform exercises well

· Facilitates detox and helps in weight loss

· Aids proper body and organ function

· Increases endurance level

· Prevents excessive elevation in heart rate and body temperature

How dehydration can affect your body while exercising?

· Weakens physical and mental functions

· Causes dizziness, muscle fatigue, and excessive sweating

· Negatively affects concentration, decision making, and motor control

· Impairs body’s ability to regulate body temperature

· Increases heart rate

· Reduces body performance during exercise

How to keep your body hydrated while exercising?

· Always carry a bottle of water

· Replace energy drinks with normal water

· During rigorous workout sessions drink more water

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